Growing Your Fitness Business Through The Greater Charlotte Health & Fitness Expo

2019 marks the sixth year for the Greater Charlotte Health & Fitness Expo. We have welcomed some incredible speakers, sweat with some of the best instructors in Charlotte, and have met so many fitness and healthy living business owners. We love being able to be a launchpad for connection for the wellness community in Charlotte - whether you run a new or long-standing business, this event is created specifically to help you form new and deeper connections with colleagues and potential customers.


One question we often hear from our business participants is how they can best capitalize on the opportunity. Growing your fitness business through The Greater Charlotte Health & Fitness Expo does take planning. Here are 3 tips that have helped others at past events.

Grab and Keep Passerby Attention

One of the challenges of being at any large event is standing out amongst the hundreds of other vendors attending. We have our vendors strategically placed in a designated area of the expo to minimize distractions from group classes and instructors, as well as to focus the mindsets of those walking by the booths.

It’s much easier to grab the attention of someone walking by when they are looking for business, product, and service offerings. That said, you need to have a plan in place to showcase what it is about your business that makes you someone they need to talk to. If your business has a product, make sure you have samples available (and that you have enough to avoid early runout). If you offer a service, is there a way you can demonstrate that (within the confines of the booth size) or loop a video of your services on a monitor? Make sure you bring your best energy, or the member of your team with the most energy, to help make your business engaging for potential customers.

You will have a limited amount of time to cause someone to pause their walk through the vendor aisles, so make sure your booth is branded with signage, smiling faces, and a clearly-displayed highlight reel of what makes your company special. It never hurts to have samples, a giveaway, or a freebie item for those passing through to help attract people to you and help them remember you after they leave the event.

Ignite a Compact Conversation

Once someone steps up to chat with you, be sure you’re giving your focus to them and aren’t just pitching your services. This is a chance for a quick conversation starter- find out why they are talking to you which will help you quickly assess how (and if) you can provide a solution for them.

The worst things you can do as a vendor are to (1) appear occupied/uninterested in the people walking by and especially those at your booth and (2) to focus all of your time telling them about your business. As with any aspect of marketing your company, your job is to provide a needed solution to a problem they have. In order to understand how you can help, you will have to be ready to listen.

Stay in Touch

Given that you will have a brief interaction with thousands of people, it’s critical to have a plan in place to capture only the most necessary information from anyone interested in learning more or trying your business. A tablet queued up to enter emails or phone numbers (depending upon the nature of your business) is a great way to quickly and efficiently get details from people so you can talk with them after the event. If you’re running a giveaway, you can have people fill out a form or entry ticket.

One point to consider for written contact information - not all details may be legible or accurate if people are hurriedly scribbling information but haven’t really learned the value of your offering.

Quality of contact information and leads is still more important than quantity. If you take a few moments to chat with someone and are able to continue that conversation later, you have gifted yourself with a warm lead which will be far more valuable than a large jar of people who may or may not be interested. The bottom line is to think about how you would normally engage with potential clients in a public setting or networking event and then carry those guidelines with you into the expo.

Bonus tip: Make sure to let your current customers know you’ll be at the expo! By inviting them to the event, it give you credibility, reminds them to invite their friends to come with them to the expo, and gives you an opportunity to have referral traffic.

If you have any questions as you prepare for the expo, let us know! We want you to have a great experience and get results!

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