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MixxedFit is a people-inspired fitness program that combines explosive dance movements with body weight toning.

ABOUT KEECHA:My name is Keecha Finley. I am the Co-Director of Leadership Development and Training and a National Trainer for MixxedFit®. I’ve been teaching MixxedFit 2014 and teaching dance fitness overall since 2011. Being a proud cancer survivor since 2009, dance Fitness has helped me to get back into living a healthy lifestyle while having fun at the same time!


11:15 AM Hip Hop ReDefined (ALLISON LILLY)

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“Hip Hop ReDefined” is a performance class, created by Allison, that includes choreography paired with hits from the hottest playlists. The emphasis of this class focuses on FUN! Bring your fierce attitude and get ready to work that dance floor like you own it… Because you do!

ABOUT ALLISON: Allison Lilly is a lead choreographer for NC Dance District, a Master Fitness Instructor at the YMCA in Charlotte NC and a national presenter.  She has taught fitness in Charlotte for over 30 years and was recently voted Charlotte's Best Cycle Instructor of the Year for the second year in a row.  She has recently been featured in several Shaun T IG videos, on Shaun T's podcast, assisted as back up dancer for Shaun T, presents and manages the dance stage for NC Fitness Expo, presented at ECA Fitness Convention and choreographs/performs for NC Dance District Project Full Out Choreographer Showcase.  Allison is also certified in cycle, pilates, CIZE and deep water athletic conditioning. 



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Urban Cardio Dance (UCD) is an exhilarating cardiovascular workout that combines Top 40 music with street style dance moves in an approachable format. It challenges you to bring your all and put in work as if you’re performing onstage with your favorite entertainer. (Looking to improve your own dance abilities? You’re in the right place; UCD moves easily translate from the studio to the club.) This class is diversity at its best, from music and dance styles to the participants and fitness levels. One experience and you’ll understand why We are the Mix!

ABOUT COREY: Corey “C’Yo” Brown is an innovative Charlotte, NC-based fitness specialist with nearly a decade of professional experience. A multi-faceted modern-day family man, Brown believes that leading a fit and healthy lifestyle is obtainable for anyone. 

Brown’s unique background as a father, dancer, fitness physique competitor, and model, combined with his contagious energy helps him infuse energy into every interaction. He facilitates a wide range of fitness programming in various formats, including personal training, cardiovascular, strength, and total body group fitness classes. In recent years he has gained a rapidly growing following from his electrifying Urban Cardio Dance™(UCD) class. 

Brown believes that we are all interconnected. In his own words, “Anything you do will inevitably have an impact on someone else, whether it’s big, minute, direct, or indirect.” This conviction fuels his personal mantra ME plus WE equals US. With this belief Brown has made it one of his goals to share his motto with everyone he encounters through encouraging health and wellness enhanced by group dynamics, laced with fun.



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Let the energy wash over you with this hip hop dance inspired cardio. Simple to follow, but INTENSE sweat. Shake off the calories and join a dance party. 

ABOUT KATIE: Katie Dixon is a Charlotte native (unicorn) and owner of 2 boutique fitness studios, kadi fit & bloc. You can find her in instagram stories giving bursts of inspiration, fitness knowledge, choreo and life hacks. Follow her on Instagram: @kadikatie



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ABOUT KEISHA: Keisha Bridgeman is the founder and sole instructor of The Fun fitness Caribbean dance class known as SocafitUSA here in Charlotte NC. With her parents & family being of Caribbean descent, Keisha has been dancing in accordance with the Caribbean culture since she was 5 years old. She created Socacise dba SocafitUSA in 2009, after introducing the genre of music and dance to a group during a health challenge in her community. Dancing & exercising with her instruction resulted in a tremendous weight loss for her team. This inspired Keisha to create a platform to assist others on their fitness journeys giving students a fresh & fun way to encourage movement, build stamina, lose inches & ignite confidence. Dancing has been her love for over 35 years, and with her roots stemming from Grenada West Indies, she truly believes she was born to do this.